Sunday Services @ 9:15am & 10:45am

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What are the worship services like?  

Every service, for every age group: preschool to adult, includes a time of Praise and Worship. A Biblically sound and relevant message is presented as well as the gospel of Christ. One of the most important components of weekly worship at Pinedale is Communion. Observance of the Lord's Supper is open to all believers, regardless of church membership. Offering is collected each week as people realize the importance of giving back a portion of what God has generously blessed them with. At the close of each service, an invitation is offered to all to accept Jesus as Savior; to place membership at Pinedale or to be used as a time of rededication.


What’s the music like? 

There are two distinct worship experiences each Sunday.

  • The 9:15 service incorporates live music and praise teams that blend current praise and worship songs with hymns. This hour also includes choir performances and special music.
  • The 10:45 service combines live music with a more Contemporary Christian Music flair. There is no choir during the second hour and relatively few special musical guest performances.

Our worship teams do not desire to put on a performance, but rather to lead you into the presence of God.


Do I need to dress up? 

We believe that God looks at the inside of a person and not what's on the outside. Typical 9:15 attire includes suits, ties, dresses and casual apparel. The 10:45 service is a bit more relaxed, so you will feel right at home in jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops or business casual.


Where do I take my children?

All visitors and new attenders with kids (Birth through 5th Grade) should come to the Children's Welcome Center. We will get your kids checked into our security system and escort them to the appropriate classrooms.


Are classes available during any of the services? 

Sunday School Classes are offered for all ages during both services. There are Adult Sunday School Classes offered at 8:30 am, 9:15 am and 10:45 am. Middle and High School Students attend "Student Life" groups at 9:15 am. Preschool and Elementary kids attend Sunday School during the 10:45 service.


How can I get connected? 

A Connect 2 Card is included in the bulletin you receive each Sunday. Please take a moment to fill out the card with as much information you feel comfortable providing to us. Once we receive the card, we send you an email to follow-up on your visit to Pinedale. You may also receive a call from one of our Connect 2 team members. This will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions and find out how you can get involved at Pinedale. And don't forget: Sunday School is always a great way to get plugged into the church.


What about Baptism?

1. The act of baptism does not save – Christ does. (Saved by grace through faith)

2. Baptism is a simple commandment to be obeyed instead of debated.

3. Baptism was given to us by God so we could demonstrate our acceptance of Christ as Savior and Lord.

4. Baptism should be performed soon after someone surrenders to Christ.

5. Baptism should not be a subject of argument or division among believers.