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Redeemed for Grace

May 17, 2019 by Aimee Pence 0 comments

Posted in: Women's Ministry

Hello, my beautiful friend!  During this week's study and my time of prayer, I felt God was calling me to stop striving.  He wants me to stop striving for perfection (He is redeeming me by His Grace, His Love is steadfast and I can depend upon Him).  He wants me to stop striving to fix everyone and everything around me (God made a way for man to be restored/reconciled to Himself, 2 Cor. 5:19-21.  It is not my job!).  He wants me to stop striving to earn His gracious gifts that have been freely given to me (I am fully accepted by God and I have been set free!).  What has God been speaking to your heart?

In the video this week, Angela asks if we would join her on the intentional journey of giving God's extraordinary grace?  Not just to strangers but to those who live in our homes.  God knows what a struggle this can be.  He recognizes our flesh is weak.  But it is so important as we are being redeemed and the Holy Spirit is reshaping our character.  It will be a challenge but we must choose to give His Grace, even when others don't deserve it.  Doesn't God do the same for us? 

Abba, help us to extend Your loving Grace in daily situations as you enable us.  We trust that as you call us to give it, you will empower us.  May we rely on you to complete this necessary part of becoming the Redeemed.  In Your Great Name!  Amen!

This was my favorite quote from week 4...

The woman who knows what it means to be redeemed lives an entirely different life that the one who isn't sure.  In a word, she is secure...She is redeemed, and she is being redeemed.  And in heaven, she will be finally, fully redeemed.

She is forgiven.

She belongs to God.

She is filled with the Holy Spirit.

She is being changed by His power and His grace.

She has access to God in prayer.

She is on her way home.

And dear One, as we are all on the way home to our final, full redemption - we must not give up.  The grace God has asked us to show others is just as readily available to us.  The immeasureable riches of His grace in kindness toward us...

Check out this song...Your Grace is Enough/Amazing Grace.  May you live this truth daily.  His Grace is enough for us all!!  Love & BIG HUGS!!

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