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Resources to help you with your Christian Walk will be found on this page. There will be links to devotions, articles and video clips. There is also a blog (The High Road) that has been created that can enrich topics we talk about on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.


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General – Articles/Bible Study Series/Illustrations, etc. Excellent site! Search by topic or passage. – Charles Swindoll site. You can search his resources by topic or passage. - A resource to search Bible verses that is especially formatted for screen readers for the visually impaired - A resource to educate young Christians with access to the top biblical resources (translations, commentaries, dictionaries) on the web. Hundreds of Bible questions and answers to help young Christians to strengthen their faith to become tomorrow’s leaders for Christ.


Audio/Video – This site has the audio messages of just about every preacher on the radio. You can search by subject or by speaker, passage, or topic. Some ministries will let you download sermon scripts. – J.Vernon McGee’s site. Download audio commentaries on every book of the Bible.


Bibles/Commentaries – A HUGE collection of commentaries on every book of the Bible – Commentaries, dictionaries, maps, stream audio/video. Very cool site! – Intervarsity Press N.T. Commentary


Online Magazines – Christianity Today – Current events that Christians need to know. – Koinonia House – Chuck Missler – Free online magazine (personal update) – Leadership Journal (produced by Christianity Today)


Q and A / Bible Courses – Hank Hannegraf’s site. This is part of the Christian Research Institute. Helpful articles on popular spakers/authors, and how their doctrine lines up with Scripture. – Don Stewart - online courses and questions/answers


Specific Studies – Articles and updates revolving around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem