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What's Most Valued?

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Date: March 3, 2013

Speaker: Jon Hauser

Series: Last Words First

Category: Default

Scripture: Mark 10:17–10:31

Tags: Money, heart, value, righteousness, greed

The way people respond to life indicates the condition of their heart. Why does talking about money make people so uncomfortable? Jesus talked about money more than anything else but at the same time; He never talked about money. (Mark 10:17-27) He addresses the heart of the believer by talking about the things that are important to him.

In ancient times, the Jews viewed wealth as a symbol of blessing from God; a sign of righteous living. Jesus never said that having wealth is wrong; He said that there is something wrong with all of us and that money has a tendency to blind us from the true need we have-a relationship and dependence on God. (Matt. 6:2)

Greed is different from other sins-it darkens our spiritual eyes. Greed hides itself so be careful: the eyes can be deceitful. We are driven by what we see. We don't ask questions about our treasures because we don't want to examine the answers. Wealth cannot define a person-a relationship with Christ does. Love your family well; it is much more valuable than money ever will be.

The rich man wanted to know what he lacked. It wasn't a "what" but a "Who". Eternal life and intimacy with God involve a change in the way we relate to our wealth. Do we worship IT or do we worship WITH it? (Mark 10:21) Jesus didn't tell the young man the truth to shame him; Jesus loved him and knew he was hopelessly lost without Him. We must not let our identity be stolen by money or wealth. The gospel puts us in a place where money has no hold over us. Jesus lost all His treasure to make us treasure. Things were never meant to replace God–they were meant to remind us of His goodness. But we must allow Him to free us from our love of money.