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Words Gone Wild

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Date: May 26, 2013

Speaker: Matthew Sink

Series: Words Gone Wild

Category: Default

Scripture: James 3:7–3:8

Tags: speech, words, tongue, control, evil

James 3:8 says “No human being can tame the tongue.” How many times have our words gotten us into trouble? Most likely, many more times than we like to admit. Words carry more weight than we think; words matter—a lot—especially to God.

Matthew examines a passage in Numbers 12 that tells us just how much our words matter to God. He shows how the words we speak convey the condition of our heart.

Bottom line: Words are a big deal because they lead you somewhere. The tongue (words) sets a direction for your life and it’s not always somewhere you want to go. Words must lead to life and not death; in every arena of life. (James 3:3-4)

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