Sunday Services @ 9:15am & 10:45am

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Sticks and Stones

Join us on November 10, 17, and 24 as we explore three kinds of words that have the power to change everything.

What if the direction of your life is being determined by a rudder you barely even notice?
What if careless words are steering you somewhere you never intended to go?

The Bible says that our words hold the power of life and death, both for us and for others – so learning to use them properly is a matter of, well, life and death.

Each week of this series includes two parts: a sermon/message, and a small-group discussion. For these three weeks, please connect with one of our adult study groups during the hour opposite of your worship hour. We have a group for everybody!

9:15 HOUR
Room 200 - Young Couples
Room 201 - Mid 40's-60's
Room 202 - Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Room 203 - Singles 30's & Up
Room 204 - Mid 30's-40's
Room 205 - Mid 30's-50's
Room 206 - College Age
Room 207 - High School Students
Room 208 - Mid 40's-60's
Room 215 - Middle School Students

10:45 HOUR
Room 200 - Mid 40's-60's
Room 201 - Mid 50's & Up
Room 202 - Ladies Mid 40's & Up
Room 203 - Mid 30's-60's
Room 204 - Singles Mid 30's & Up
Room 205 - Mid 30's-50's