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Who We Are

We Are A Non-Denominational Church

Our motto: "We're not the only Christians – just Christians only". It is inevitable that Christians will disagree on side issues of Bible interpretation, but we should always strive to remain One in Jesus Christ. (John 17:20-23)


We Are A Bible Church 

Another motto: “Where the Bible speaks, we speak. Where the Bible is silent, we remain silent.” We try to take God's Word at face value and obey it. We do our best to avoid adding to or altering God’s Book of Truth.


We Are A Praying Church 

Prayer plays a major role at Pinedale, because we know prayer changes things. God hears and answers all prayers. Miracles happen because God is still as powerful today as He ever has been.


We Are An Evangelistic Church 

All people matter to God and need Jesus as their Savior. For us, Priority One is to “connect the disconnected” to our Heavenly Father.


We Are A Missions-Minded Church 

Our marching orders from Jesus are to reach the lost wherever they may be found. So we have a passionate world vision for evangelism, especially for unreached people groups.


We Are A Hope-Filled Church 

Jesus reigns today as Lord. He promised us the eternal reward of Heaven if we are saved. We live in an air of expectancy because Jesus is coming back. We Are A Youth-Oriented Church – At Pinedale, Kids come first. In these perilous times, they especially need Jesus to help them spiritually survive. So we place a heavy emphasis on providing the best Children and Youth Ministries possible.


We Are A Working Church 

Christianity is not a spectator sport. Jesus promised He would fill us with His Spirit to empower us to serve Him. Every Christian has a Spiritual Gift and should use it in service to Jesus.


We Are A Loving Church 

Jesus challenged us to care for the “least of these”. We love all people and are driven to minister to their needs. We don’t focus on programs but on people. Our desire is to compassionately care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people.


We Are A Needs Concerned Church 

Our programs are diverse because people all have different problems and needs. That is why we have developed specialized ministries and support groups that focus on people’s hurts, habits and hang-ups.


We Are A Growing Church 

Our congregation eagerly welcomes and accepts all people. We’re not a social club whose membership is exclusive. Instead we’re the Family of God and are glad to pull up another chair to His table.