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Our Secret Sister Social

February 21, 2013 by Patrice Williams 0 comments

Posted in: Women's Ministry

On Wednesday, the 13th, the Wednesday night ladies had a social and we revealed our Heart Sisters. Several weeks ago, we drew names and had been sending cards and encouragement to our secret sisters. It was fun to get together, eat, and reveal ourselves (you know what I mean) to our sisters. :)


Molli telling about her handmade Ugandan beads from The Mighty River Project.





Photos of people eating. I'm sure they appreciate me taking (and subsequently posting) this picture.


A few of the leadership ladies had made scripture cards to pass out. We each drew a card, and God was so faithful to give so many of us exactly what we needed to hear for that moment. Several women got up and shared their card and shared how it ministered to them in their current cirumstance. We don't believe in coincidence! :)



Christina, who just got baptized a couple of weeks ago. WOOT!


After snacks and scripture cards, we passed out little gifts we had gotten our heart sisters and got to find out who had been our encouragement the last few weeks.



And then I got my gift and it was chocolate and I got distracted and stopped taking photos. Blame it on my Heart Sister... (waving) Hi, Heather! 

We had a great time just getting to enjoy fellowship and laughter with our sisters. No matter what our backgrounds or circumstances, isn't it amazing the bond we have in Jesus? Nobody can make you heart sisters like that! Praise Him!

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